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Take every verbal or written statement or reference to suicide seriously! 

Any referral to COMTREA on Campus, BHR, and/or JCPD should be accompanied by a Maxient Incident Report form to ensure the student receives ongoing support through the Care Team.

  • The Care Team at Jefferson College is a cross-functional team whose purpose is to assist in identifying, assessing, and evaluating student well-being and concerning student behaviors in a trauma-informed way. The Care Team designs intervention and outreach to promote individual safety, community safety, and student success to support an inclusive environment. The Care Team may also identify patterns of behavior that might suggest the need for ongoing or additional intervention. Connecting students with individualized resources, support, and accountability is at the core of Care Team interventions.

For further information, please contact 636-481-3262 or 797-3000, ext 3262 or

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