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Nursing Degree & Academic Plans

Webpage revised 01/12/2022

The Jefferson College nursing program is a bi-level program:

  • Level I/PN (Certificate)
  • Level II/RN (A.A.S. degree)

Bi-level or two separate nursing programs means there will be differences in program requirements. 

Degree Plans

  PN Certificate Degree Plan (2021-2022)

  RN A.A.S. Degree Plan (2021-2022)

Level I/PN Academic Plans

  Level I/PN - Days Academic Plan (Entering Fall)

  Level I/PN - Evenings Academic Plan (Entering Spring)

Level II/RN Academic Plans

  Level II/RN - Days Academic Plan (Entering Fall)

  Level II/RN - Evenings Academic Plan (Entering Spring)

2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR