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Level II RN Bridge

Webpage updated (04/06/2021)

  • Admission to the nursing program is highly competitive. We cannot guarantee admission to all applicants who meet minimum requirements.
  • A limited number of already practicing LPN's are admitted to the Level II RN program on a space available basis only as Bridge students.
  • Graduation from the Registered Nursing Bridge program does not guarantee licensure as stated in the Missouri Revised Statutes - Section 335-066.

Level II Registered Nursing (RN) Bridge Application Process

Fall 2021 Application Deadline

  • The Fall 2021 application due date for both PN and RN Bridge applicants has been EXTENDED to Monday, May 3, 2021 (4:30 p.m.).

Level II RN Bridge Application Process

Level II RN Bridge Application for Admission: (Fillable PDF)

 - PDF Application Completion Instructions

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