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Pre-Admission FAQs

Webpage revised 8/6/2020

Q:  Where do I start?

A:  Review the nursing application process checklist below, apply to Jefferson College, and make an appointment with an advisor.

Nursing Application Process Checklist

Submit an online Application for Admission to Jefferson College

 Applicants are required to meet with an Enrollment Services Specialist to ensure application readiness.

Advising appointments are available by phone, email and in-person: students must wear a face-mask and cannot bring a guest/family member with them to the advisor's office. Guests/family may wait in the Student Center lobby.

(Please note: walk-ins cannot be guaranteed an available adviser upon arrival):

  • Transfer students, bring a copy of your unofficial transcripts for review
  • Hillsboro: (636) 481-3209 or (636) 797-3000 ext. 3209
  • Arnold: (636) 481-3597 or (636) 797-3000 ext. 3597
  • Email:

Q:  Is financial assistance available for nursing students?

A:  To explore payment and financial assistance options, please contact Financial Aid at (636) 481-3212 or email at

Q:  Does the Nursing Program have a waiting list?

A:  The Jefferson College Nursing Program does not keep a waiting list.

Applicants not admitted into the program (or those re-applying for the program) must complete a new nursing application for the next available cohort that meets their attendance needs; applicants must also pay the $30.00 application fee for each application submitted application. Those who reapply are placed back into the application pool for the Admission Progression Retention (APR) committee to review for admission.  

Q:  What does Bi-Level Nursing Program mean?

A:  Jefferson College offers two separate nursing programs:

  • Level I/PN Certificate
  • Level II/RN Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.

     Having two separate nursing programs means there will be differences in program requirements
     for both applicants & current students.

     Current Level I/PN students meeting progression requirements (i.e. maintain a cumulative 85% average in all  
     Level I/PN courses) are automatically admitted to the Level II/RN program.

     A limited number of already practicing LPN's are admitted to the Level II/RN program on a space available
     basis only as Bridge students.

Q:  Can I skip Level I PN and start at Level II RN?

A:  Applicants who are not already practicing LPN's will start at Level I PN (Level I Practical Nursing is a prerequisite to becoming a RN).

Q:  Does Jefferson College offer a RN Bridge program for EMT, Paramedic and/or Military Personnel?

A:  The Jefferson College nursing program does not offer this option at this time.

Q:  Is there an application deadline?

A:  Yes, please see below:

     Spring 2021 Evening Program (January)   Tuesday, September 8, 2020 (by 4:30 p.m.)
     Fall 2021 Day Program (August)   Monday, April 5, 2021 (by 4:30 p.m.)
     Spring 2022 Evening Program (January)   Tuesday, September 7, 2021 (by 4:30 p.m.)

Q:  Where do I pick up a Nursing Program Application for Admission?

A:  Fillable PDF nursing applications for admission are posted on the nursing website at > Application Process > Beginning Level I PN -or- Level II RN Bridge (Level II RN Bridge applicants must have a current LPN license).

Q:  What should be turned in with the nursing application for admission?

A:   The items below are to be submitted with the nursing application (Applications will not be accepted or processed
      without the following):

      Please note: Applicants who submit incomplete applications or who are missing any required documents will
      automatically be ineligible.

  • Submit application by email: or
  • -or- submit application by mail: Jefferson College, Attn: Nursing Dept., 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050.
  • -or- submit application in person at the Nursing Education Office, Hillsboro Campus, Career Technical Education Building - Room 131 (campus map).
    *Please note: Face-masks are required for all employees, students and guests while on campus (COVID  Procedures).
  • Submit official copies of all transcripts (may be sent electronically) to Jefferson College, Enrollment Services, 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050.
  • Submit $30.00 paid application fee receipt (paid to the cashier).
  • Submit a printed copy of HESI scores.
  • Submit a printed copy of course schedule (if applicable).
  • PN applicants only: Submit a printed copy of current healthcare occupation certification/licensure or license verification (if applicable).
  • RN Bridge applicants only: Submit a printed copy of LPN Licensure (, QuickConfirm License Verification).

Q:  Where can the HESI exam be taken?

A:  The HESI exam may be taken at the Jefferson College Hillsboro and Arnold Testing Centers:

     *Please note: Testing Centers are allowing walk-ins for the HESI exam; however, face-masks are required for testing
       due to social distancing requirements (COVID Procedures).

  • Hillsboro Testing Center: or 636-481-3147/636-481-3148 or 636-797-3000 or 636-942-3000, ext. 3147/3148
  • Arnold Testing Center: or 636-481-3592/636-481-3593 or 636-797-3000 or 636-942-3000, ext. 3592/3593

Q:  Are there study materials for the HESI exam?

A:  HESI exam study guide information for both the PN Program (PN HESI A2 Study Resources) and the RN Bridge Program (RN HESI Mobility Study Resources) may be found at the Jefferson College nursing website.

  • The HESI exam study guides are available at the Jefferson College Hillsboro and Arnold Libraries.
  • The HESI exam study guides may also be purchased online through the publisher: Elsevier.

Q:  Is there a cost for the HESI exam?

A:  The PN HESI A2 exam fee is $50; the RN Bridge HESI Mobility exam fee is $60.

Q:  When is the HESI exam offered?

A:  The HESI exam may be taken one (1) time during the testing period of January 1–June 30, and one (1) time during the testing period of July 1–December 31, for a maximum of twice per calendar year (no exceptions).  

      If an applicant does not make the minimum required passing score (or higher), the applicant will need to wait until the next testing period to retake the exam.

Q:  How long is the PN program?

A:  The Level I/PN is offered as a full-time day program with completion in approximately 12 months.

      The Level I/PN is offered as a part-time evening/weekend program with completion in approximately 24 months.

Q:  How long is the RN program?

A:  The Level II/RN is offered as a full-time day program with completion in approximately 10 months.

      The Level II/RN is offered as a full-time evening/weekend program with completion in approximately 12 months.

Q:  How long are clinicals and when are they held?

A:  The Level I/PN day and evening/weekend clinicals are held during day hours (8-hour shifts). 
        - Level I PN Day / Level I PN Evening/Weekend

     The Level II/RN day and evening/weekend clinicals are held during day hours (12-hour shifts).
        - Level II RN Day / Level II RN Evening/Weekend

Q:  When are classes held and at what times?

A:  Level I/PN Day classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
      Level I/PN Evening/Weekend classes are held on Tues., Weds., and Thurs. evenings from 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

      Level II/RN Day classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday  8 a.m.-3 p.m.
      Level II/RN Evening/Weekend classes are held on Tues., Weds., and Thurs. evenings from 5 p.m.-10 p.m.

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