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Athletic HOF: Coach, Contributor/Supporter or Sports Professionals Nomination Form

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Athletic HOF: Coach, Contributor/Supporter or Sports Professionals Nomination Form

(Nominations accepted September 1 through November 1)

Requirements for Nomination:


A. Must have been out of Jefferson College for a minimum of five (5) years.

B. Outstanding contribution to the Jefferson College athletic program.


A. Specific Criteria:

Satisfying the specific criteria automatically allows a team to be considered for nomination to the Hall of Fame following a five (5) year eligibility period.

(1) Participate in national competition.

B. General Criteria:

A team satisfying all of the general criteria may be nominated to the Hall of Fame after a five (5) year eligibility period.

(1) Must have outstanding, as evidenced by such accomplishments as recipient of  various team awards and honors, school records set and statistics.

(2) Must have exhibited acceptable standards of conduct both during competition and as a unit as representatives of Jefferson College.

Alumni Coaches, Contributors/Supporters, and Sports Professionals:

A. Outstanding performance as a coach, contributor/supporter, official, sports writer, sports photographer, or other sports professional.

B. Achievement so outstanding as to eliminate any question as to selection.

Athletic Honors

Coach of the Year

NJCAA Coaching Record

Nominations must be sent no later than November 1 to: Jefferson College Athletics Hall of Fame, 
Director of Athletics, Jefferson College, 1000 Viking Drive, Hillsboro, MO 63050.

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