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Financial Aid Attendance Reminder

Failure to Begin Attendance

Federal regulations require that students earn their financial aid funds by attending and actively participating in courses. Attendance information is collected from faculty to verify financial aid eligibility. If a student fails to begin attendance in a course, the institution is required to reduce the student’s financial aid enrollment level and eligibility.

If a student is not attending classes, the student is expected to complete the official withdrawal process of the College. To complete the withdrawal process, contact the Office of Enrollment Services located in the Student Center at the Hillsboro campus or contact Jefferson College Arnold or Imperial.

Last Date of Attendance Determination

Students who have been paid federal financial aid funds are required to earn these funds by participating in classes. Students who quit participating in all courses prior to the 60% point in the semester, but have already received their federal financial aid disbursement, may have been overpaid. The repayment amount for an overpayment is based upon the number of days in the student's period of enrollment and the student’s last date of an academic engagement. A federally mandated formula is used to calculate the amount of the overpayment.

When determining a last date of attendance and calculating the portion of funds earned by the student, Jefferson College must always use the student’s last date of an academic engagement as indicated in official attendance records of the College and reported by faculty. In addition, a documented last date of attendance based on an academic engagement must also be used to determine the portion of aid earned by those students who officially withdraw from courses. Unless the student withdraws from courses on the same day as the student’s last academic engagement in his/her coursework, the withdrawal date listed on the student’s withdrawal form will not be used as the student’s last date of attendance.

View the Federal Aid Overpayment Policy brochure to learn more about repaying unearned financial aid.

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