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FAFSA Delay - Q & A

The continued delays of the 2024-25 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) have caused anxiety, confusion, and discomfort for many students and families, as well as for college staff and administrators. Financial Aid staff at Jefferson College are here to help you! We want to provide greater clarity for you on this issue with the below FAQs.

What is the FAFSA, and where can I access it?

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is the application students will complete to apply for federal, state, and institutional aid.

You can access the FAFSA at

Should I do anything before I complete the FAFSA?

Yes, you and your parent(s) need to apply for an FSA ID before you can complete the FAFSA. You should apply for an FSA ID about 3-5 days before you plan on filing the FAFSA; create your FSA ID at

Why did the FAFSA change?

The changes to the FAFSA were required as part of the FAFSA Simplification Act in order to make the application process easier for students and families. The new FAFSA has fewer questions and uses data directly from the IRS to populate income information.

What are some of the key changes to the FAFSA?

Families will notice some key changes to the FAFSA:

  1. The application is role-based, which is why students and parents need their own FSA ID. Students will only be presented with questions that are applicable to them, while parents will only be presented with parent specific questions.
  2. All applicants completing the online form will need to consent to having income data transferred to their FAFSA directly from the IRS.

I’ve already completed the FAFSA. How long will it take for it to be processed?

The Department of Education is currently processing FAFSA applications and Jefferson College expects to receive FAFSA data in late April.

Once we receive your FAFSA information, the Financial Aid Office will reach out to you if any additional information is required.

Jefferson College will begin to send offer letters to admitted students, who have included our school code, by late May. If this timeline changes along the way, we’ll update you.

I submitted my FAFSA but I made a mistake; how can I see what I submitted and change it?

Once your FAFSA is fully processed by the Department of Education, you will receive a FAFSA Submission Summary. This summary will show you the data you put on your FAFSA. If you find a mistake you need to correct you can use your FSA ID to log in and make a correction.

Will the FAFSA processing delay affect my scholarship and other financial aid eligibility?

The FAFSA delay will not affect your scholarship or aid eligibility at Jefferson College.

I forgot to add Jefferson College to my list of schools.  What is your school code?

Jefferson College’s FAFSA school code is 002468.

I’m still waiting on financial aid offers from other schools before making a final decision on where to attend in the fall.  What should I do?

All schools are facing the same delay in receiving FAFSA information and notifying students of aid eligibility. Because of our lower cost of attendance, your financial aid will go much further at Jefferson College! Staff are available to assist you with your next steps. We do not have an admissions deadline and you can enroll in Jefferson College classes up until the semester begins.

How do I get started at Jefferson College?

You can visit our Getting Started page for information on how to apply for admission to Jefferson College.  You can also contact the Office of Admissions at 636-481-3235 or

Remember, the Financial Aid Office is here to help you through this process and to make it as easy as possible for you and your family. Please reach out to us at 636-481-3212 or via email at FAFSA assistance is also available on a drop in basis during regular business hours at the Hillsboro campus.

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