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Employees Supporting Employees

Employees Supporting Employees

This fund is dedicated to providing a $500 grant opportunity to Jefferson College employees to offset recent financial hardships, and to providing Jefferson College employees a no-cost designated fund collection and distribution service for significant life events (in lieu of a GoFundMe page).

Operation #1: Employee grants

Employees pursuing a $500 grant must submit an online application for funding consideration. To be eligible employees must:

  •  Be full-time faculty or staff with at least one year of service
  • Substantiate hardship due to natural disaster, accident, catastrophe, death or illness
  • Only receive a grant once every three years
  • Submit an online application through the Foundation that is passed to a sub-committee of the Employee Support Committee for immediate consideration

The Foundation will receive, review, and forward completed grant applications to the Employee Support Committee. Applications sent on for grant consideration will have all personal information removed for privacy. Grant awards will be delivered by check to the employee.

Gifts made to the Employee Support Fund are eligible for tax benefit.

Donate to the Employees Supporting Employees fund!

Apply for Grant assistance.

The Employees Supporting Employees fund only grows through contributions made by employees. The grant application will be active if funding is available.

Operation #2: Significant life event collection

When a significant event is known to Jefferson College, the College may produce a sub-designation in the Employee Support Fund to solicit, collect, and distribute a no-cost lump sum award to the affected employee or employee family. The Foundation will produce a dedicated webpage for promotion and distribution to collect gifts online. The sub-designated account will be open for a two-week period following the establishment and announcement of the fund. The distribution will only contain those gifts made to the sub-designation, not from the general support fund.

This operation will compete with any promoted GoFundMe page to provide Jefferson College employees a reduced cost and more convenient way to support the life event.

Gifts made to a President-designated employee fund are not eligible for tax benefit.

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