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Tuition Refund Appeal Information

A student may drop classes and be entitled to a refund of tuition and lab fees paid, or the removal of assessed tuition charges and lab fees, during published refund period dates. After the refund period has ended, the tuition refund appeal process may be an option for a student who is unable to complete their course(s) due to an extended illness/critical injury or the illness/injury/loss of an immediate family member.

The Tuition Refund Appeal form may be accessed under the Academic Forms list on the Student tab in MyJeffco, as well as on the Vice President of Student Services (VPSS) web page. If a student determines that the tuition refund appeal process is applicable in their case, the form should be completed and submitted to the VPSS Office with supporting documentation attached. Financial aid recipients are encouraged to check with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing or submitting a the Tuition Refund Appeal form, to discuss how their financial aid status/eligibility may be impacted. Please note that the request must be submitted to the VPSS Office for review prior to the end of the next semester.

This process is not applicable for instructional complaints. A student is advised to contact their instructor or the appropriate Associate Dean regarding these issues.

Refunds associated with military obligations are handled outside of this process. In these situations, a copy of a student’s military orders must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services along with a completed withdrawal request.

View the Tuition Refund Appeal form and instructions.

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