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Medical Withdrawal Information

If a student becomes seriously ill or critically injured and is unable to continue attending or participating in classes, the student should withdraw to avoid receiving failing grades. If the illness or injury occurs after the published withdrawal deadline has passed, a student may then submit a Request for Medical Withdrawal. For specific withdrawal dates for all courses, visit the Class Schedule page, Financial aid recipients should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from classes to discuss how their financial aid status/eligibility may be affected.

The Request for Medical Withdrawal form may be accessed on the Student tab in MyJeffco, and can also be obtained from the Office of the Vice President of Student Services, the Office of Enrollment Services, or the offices at Jefferson College Arnold, or Jefferson College Imperial. To request a medical withdrawal, a student should submit the completed form with required documentation to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services. The request must be received prior to the end of the following semester. Requests submitted without supporting documentation will be denied. If medical necessity can be validated, the student has not received federal or state gift aid, and his or her bill has been paid in full, the student may be issued a Dean’s Waiver. The waiver would allow the student to re-enroll in the same courses in the following semester without having to pay the tuition charges again, provided the courses are offered that semester. 

A medical withdrawal will not generate a refund of tuition charges and/or lab fees paid, nor will it remove a balance for assessed tuition charges and/or lab fees. A “W” grade will be posted on a student’s transcript for each withdrawn course, and the course(s) will count into attempted credit hours for financial aid purposes. If a student wishes to request that classes be completely dropped to remove tuition charges and fees, the student is advised to review the Tuition Refund Appeal form to see if it is applicable.

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