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"r u ok?" Day is Held the First Tuesday of Each Month

Need help navigating all the resources being shared?  Not sure who to talk to? Contact Kristine Bogue at 440-462-5959 or or Kim Sahr at We can also schedule a time to talk via phone or Google meet online video chat.

Click here to review a list of resources for on-campus, local community, and national resources related to food, behavioral health, domestic violence, substance misuse, crisis hotlines, and online learning. 

To anonymously check your stress and depression level and get personalized feedback from the Comtrea On-Campus Counselor, use the Interactive Screening Program found at

Anyone who has a concern about a student situation is encouraged to continue using the Maxient reporting form

Jefferson College and COMTREA on Campus envision an environment that promotes student wellness, safety and educational success.  We recognize the challenges of being a college student and strive to provide educational opportunities to develop life skills, increase help-seeking behaviors, promote safety and encourage diversity.  Through "r u ok?" programs we connect students to resources that help them to achieve their goals. 

To learn more about "r u ok?" services and programs,  please contact:

Kim Sahr
Student Center, 2nd Floor


Kristine Bogue
Student Center, 2nd Floor

Jefferson College strives to promote a safe college environment for all students, faculty, staff, and community members. Take every verbal or written statement or reference to suicide seriously! If you encounter an individual at risk to harm him or herself or someone else, contact Campus Police at 636-481-3500 or call 911. Afterward please complete a Maxient Incident Report form.

Use the Maxient Incident Report form to alert the Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) of any student you feel could use extra support or about any situations that may make you feel uncomfortable on campus. BCT was established to coordinate a campus response for students displaying concerning behavior.  All members of the campus community are encouraged to report behaviors that are concerning, such as: exhibiting inappropriate levels of aggression or harassing behaviors, acting out of normal character, displaying frequent tearful behavior, or indicating suicidal or homicidal thoughts.  Students are asked to submit incident reports using the Student Referral Form.

For further information regarding BCT, please contact 636-481-3262 or 797-3000, ext 3262 or

Incidents of an emergency or crisis nature occurring evenings, weekends or during times when the College is not in session should be referred to Campus Police by calling 911 or extension 3500. Campus Police will notify the appropriate individuals or agencies for the situation.