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Behavioral Concerns & Student Conduct

Maxient Incident Report Form -- This link will take you to an incident report form where you can report suspicious activity on campus or any incidents of harassment, assault, etc. The report is forwarded to the the Behavioral Concerns & Student Conduct Coordinator, Director of Student Conduct, and the Vice President of Student Services office.


Jefferson College strives to promote a safe college environment for all students, faculty, staff, and community members. To assist in this endeavor, a Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) has been established to coordinate campus response for students displaying concerning behavior.

All members of the campus community are encouraged to report behaviors that are concerning, such as exhibiting inappropriate levels of aggression or harassing behaviors, acting out of normal character, displaying frequent tearful behavior, or indicating suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

The BCT assesses all reports and implements appropriate intervention, as needed. For further information regarding the Behavioral Concerns Team, please contact Kristine Bogue at 636-481-3262 or 797-3000, ext 3262.

Members Include:

  • Kristine Bogue, Behavioral Concerns and Student Conduct Coordinator
  • Kim Sahr, Director of Student Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
  • Dr. Kimberly Harvey, Vice President of Student Services
  • Beau Besancenez, Campus Police Supervisor
  • Holly Lincoln, Director of Enrollment Services
  • Bob Deutschman, Director of Athletics
  • Christine Platter, Disability Support Services Coordinator
  • Don Riffe, Chief of Police, Jefferson College Police Department
  • Teresa Schwartz, Academic Skills Coordinator-Project Success
  • Brenna Young, Enrollment Services Specialist-Resources


The College recognizes that students are both citizens and members of the academic community.

  • As citizens, students enjoy the same freedoms and rights that all citizens enjoy – freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of association, freedom of the press, right of petition, and right of due process.
  • As members of the academic community, students are expected to conduct their affairs in accordance with the standards set forth in the Student Conduct Code.

Because the College must maintain its credibility as an institution of higher education, it has established and maintains standards of academic honesty against which students are regularly evaluated in the performance of their course work.

Upon enrolling in the College, each student assumes an obligation to conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible with the College’s function as an educational institution and to comply with the laws enacted by Federal, State, and local governments. If this obligation is neglected or ignored by the student, the College must, in the interest of fulfilling its function, institute appropriate disciplinary action.

The Student Conduct Code can be viewed in its entirety in the Student Handbook

For further information regarding Student Conduct, please contact Kristine Bogue at 636-481-3262 or 797-3000, ext 3262.