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Care Team

Maxient Incident Report Form -- This link will take you to an incident report form where you can alert the Care Team to any concerns you may have about a student to ensure the student receives ongoing support. 

Care Team

The Care Team at Jefferson College is a cross-functional team whose purpose is to assist in identifying, assessing, and evaluating student well-being and concerning student behaviors in a trauma-informed way. The Care Team designs intervention and outreach to promote individual safety, community safety, and student success to support an inclusive environment. The Care Team may also identify patterns of behavior that might suggest the need for ongoing or additional intervention. Connecting students with individualized resources, support, and accountability is at the core of Care Team interventions.

For further information regarding the Care Team, please contact 636-481-3262 or 636-481-3215. TTY Users dial 711.

Members Include:

Kristine Bogue Holli Gillam Dr. Kim Harvey-Manus Alexis Lowery

Kristine Bogue

Director of Student Compliance/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Student Center, Room 209


Holli Gillam

Student Conduct and Care Team Coordinator

Student Center, Room 211


Dr. Kim Harvey-Manus

Vice President of Student Services

Student Center, Room 205


Alexis Lowery

Student Advocate

Student Center, Room 207


Linda Ladendecker-Corley

Heather Bond Brenna Young

Linda Ladendecker-Corley

Accessibility Resource Office Coordinator

ASII Room 303


David Parchim

Campus Chief of Police

Viking Woods


Heather Bond

On-Campus Counselor

Student Center, Room 202


Brenna Young

Director of Enrollment Services

Jefferson College Arnold


Keri Schmidt Gregg Crain

Nelly and Keri Schmidt

Residential Life Manager

Viking Woods


Gregg Crain

Athletic Trainer

Field House


Want to recognize someone that is struggling or how to help? Click here to watch a few short videos on ways to recognize common signs and how to offer support.

Care Team offers Support in:

  • Academics (attendance, study habits, time management, etc.)
  • Financial/Social Services (employment, transportation, food resources, financial resources, etc.)
  • Social Support (family, relationships, peer support, increase/decrease social networking, become more/less involved on campus, etc.)  
  • Emotional Wellness (mood, thoughts/speech, appearance/demeanor, difficulty managing stress/trauma, self-harming behaviors, etc.)
  • Environmental Wellness (inadequate/unsafe/unstable housing, homelessness, etc.)
  • Grief/loss of loved one
  • Physical Health (sleep, appetite, medications, medical care/insurance, medical condition, etc.)
  • Substance Use (addiction, recovery/cessation, etc.)
  • Suicidal Ideation (if at imminent risk, contact 911 or 988 and submit a report after safety is established)
  • Conduct/Legal (any legal action/pending case a student is involved in or concerned about)
  • Disruptive Behaviors
  • Dangerous Behaviors
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