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National Technical Honor Society

What are the Benefits of Membership?

Membership in the NTHS provides multiple benefits, including the following:

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Each year, NTHS awards hundreds of Jon H. Poteat $1,000 scholarships to current members. Other scholarship opportunities are available as well. Visit for more details.
  • Official Graduation Regalia: NTHS members will receive official graduation regalia to be worn at high school commencement ceremonies.
  • Official Accessories: Members will receive an NTHS pin, ID card, graduation cap tassel, window decal, etc. 
  • Official Membership Certificate and Presentation Folder: Membership includes an official NTHS certificate to be presented at a formal induction ceremony at the Area Technical School. 
  • Recognition on Applications: NTHS membership is an asset to list on resumes and on applications for scholarships, college admissions, jobs, etc.
  • Letters of Recommendation for Employment, College, or Scholarships: Students will receive an official letter of recommendation from NTHS.
  • Recruitment Opportunities by top U.S. Colleges and Corporations: NTHS members may opt to receive recruitment opportunities.
  • Online Career Center: Members have access to NTHS online career-planning resources. 

Interested in joining? Please contact Mrs. Sheba Nitsch for more information at 636-481-3496.


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