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The student-athlete at Jefferson College has every opportunity to succeed both in the classroom and on the playing field. Of course, critical to maintaining athletic eligibility is the advising process where personal strengths and weaknesses must be identified. Our goal is for every student-athlete to achieve the necessary requirements for an Associates Degree and transfer to a four-year institution where they can choose to continue to compete.

However, we also realize each student learns at a different pace and has different career goals and aspirations. Therefore, selecting a major area of study is important, but it is equally important to make sure each student-athlete is progressing academically by improving their learning styles. The student-athlete can feel comfortable by asking questions and receiving the proper help in accomplishing their goal by utilizing the various campus resources. 

To ensure academic success, all student athletes are required to meet with the Student Athlete Success Coordinator at least once a semester; however, student athletes are encouraged to connect as often as they need. Should any concerns arise throughout the semester, the Student Athlete Success Coordinator will work with the student athlete and their coach (if necessary) to problem solve and offer support/suggestions to get back on track.

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