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Hall of Fame Inductees

The Jefferson College Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be accepting nominations for its sixth class of inductees from September 1 through November 1, 2015. Nominations must be made in writing on the official Jefferson College Athletics Hall of Fame Nomination Form. The official form can be found on the Jefferson College Athletics website. Former players, coaches, college personnel, contributors, supporters, and sports professionals can nominate former Jefferson College athletes, coaches, teams or supporting personnel for this prestigious honor. Nominations should be submitted to Jefferson College Director of Athletics or any member of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. All members of the selection committee can be found at the Hall of Fame link on the Viking Athletics web page. The selection committee may select up to 3 members for the 2016 induction class.

To receive serious consideration for selection a candidate must satisfy one or more of the specific criteria five (5) years after Jefferson College athletic participation:
(1) First or second place in individual competition at the Region level.
(2) First or second team All-American (Academic All-American does not qualify)
(3) A member of the United States Olympic Team.
(4) A member of the various professional sports leagues and teams.

An athlete satisfying all of the general criteria may be nominated to the Hall of Fame as well. These athletes must have been outstanding, as evidenced by such accomplishments as All-American, National Champion or qualifier, recipient of various athletic awards and honors, special team nomination (All-Conference, All—Region), school records set and statistics. Athletes must have also exhibited acceptable standards of conduct during competition, as a student on campus and as a citizen in the community. Graduation is preferred though not required. If the athlete did not graduate, the athlete must have ended his/her community college career at Jefferson College. Finally, nominees must have been out of Jefferson College for a minimum of five (5) years.

Former coaches must have been out of Jefferson College for a minimum of five (5) years and must have made outstanding contribution to the Jefferson College athletic program. Former teams must also meet the five (5) year eligibility period and should have participated in a national competition.
The alumni coaches, contributors/supporters, and sports professionals should have had outstanding performance and achievement so outstanding as to eliminate any question as to selection.

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