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Did you know that Jefferson College enjoys a solid regional and statewide reputation as a leader in global education and international curriculum?

The Global Studies Program (GSP) is a specially designed curriculum to meet the needs of students who have interests in foreign language development, world cultural geography, and global issues. Transfer institutions welcome students with global and international knowledge and, in the 21st Century business environment, those with a general knowledge of international issues and the basics of second language experience far more success than those who do not.

The GSP consists of 16 credit hours; the following 7 credit hours are required:

  • Any college level language course* (3 credit hours)
  • College Level Geography GEO 103 (3 credit hours)
  • Online Seminar in Global Studies GEO 120  (1 credit hour)
  • The other 9 credit hours consist of electives chosen from a list of internationalized courses.

*Students may satisfy the language competency by examination - Students who already speak a foreign language may use college level ESL courses as their college level language.

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How Do You Qualify for GSP?

  1. College Admission
  2. Individual Course Prerequisites Apply
  3. 2.0 GPA

How Do I Stay In?

  1. Maintain a 2.0 GPA in all Courses
  2. Complete the Program
  3. Maintain a 3.5 GPA and become a Global Scholar

What Do I Get?

  • Global Studies Program Completion Certificate
  • Global Studies Program Completion Notation of Transcript
  • Notation on Commencement Brochure
  • Complete Transferability of Courses
  • Respect and Knowledge
  • Possibility of Travel and Study Abroad
  • Possible International Career    

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Questions? Please contact the Global Studies Program Coordinator, Lisa Hollander, at 636-481-3352 or

Definition of an International/Global Course

In the 2000s, the Missouri Community College Association earned two Title VI-A Department of Education grants operating under the direction of the Missouri Community College Association’s Consortium for Global Education. One of the major activities of the project involved the Title VI-A Curriculum Task Force. The primary purpose of the Task Force was to assist the project in the development of an International/Global Studies Certificate that could be made available to community college students across the state. The Task Force members formulated and recommended the International/Global Studies Certificate. 

The Task Force defined an international/global course as having the following minimum characteristics:

  • At least 50% of the course content must reflect the international/global nature of the course.
  • The course syllabus should reflect the international/global nature of the course, in particular in the title and/or description and in the objectives, readings, and assignments.
  • Global international events, current or historical and relevant geographical knowledge should be included in the course.

International/global courses that meet the criteria above may be used for the International/Global Studies Certificate as specified in the distribution requirements.

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