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Global Education enhances our understanding of the issues shaping the world we live in. It enables us to develop theoretical and practical knowledge for living and working in a global society that has become very interdependent, and that is directly or indirectly influencing our world.

As a student, why should I choose to focus on Global Education?

Global Education helps prepare students for coursework in many degrees at their next transfer institution. In addition, employers today are increasingly concerned with the ability of their staffs to have awareness and understanding of cultures other than American culture. Global Education helps in strengthening portfolios, which in turn influence scholarship and job opportunities.

Global Education is a passport to new opportunities.

Whether someone is considering a career in business, law, science, education, medicine, politics, engineering, international relations, or art, Global Education is a perfect foundation for all studies. (

Learn what to do with Global Studies/ International Relations major? (University of Tennessee)

For more information about Global Studies, contact:

Lisa Hollander
Global Studies Program Coordinator
(636) 481-3352


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