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Academic Initiatives & Outreach

  • MOTR Core42: The Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42), established by Senate Bill 997, standardizes the general education courses that are transferrable between all Missouri public institutions. For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Higher Education's Core 42 website

  • SkillUP Program: Jefferson College was awarded $155,000 to coordinate and deliver free short-term job training to food stamp recipients. This statewide grant is managed by MCCA with funding from the USDA Family Services Division and Missouri legislature.

  • Co-requisite Pilot Shows Promise: In efforts to increase pass rates for students in gateway Math courses, co-requisite models were developed to replace traditional remediation courses. Students participating in the pilot of the Mathematics co-requisite courses completed their General Education Mathematics courses at a rate of over 73% in Fall 2018. By way of comparison, students enrolled in a comparable traditional remediation class in Fall 2017 completed their General Education Mathematics course at a rate of less than 24% by the end of Spring 2018.

  • Library Curricular & Co-Curricular Assessment: The Library completed its first cycle of co-curricular assessment for Critical Thinking and continues its multi-year assessment of library instruction. Results can be found in the Library Assessment LibGuide

  • Stargazing Nights: In partnership with the St. Louis Astronomical Society (SLAS), Jefferson College faculty hosted several stargazing nights. Community members were invited to view the Perseid Meteor shower and other stars and planets through provided telescopes. The College continues to develop a strong relationship with the SLAS, planning to offer more stargazing events in the future. 

  • Jefferson College Day of Service: The College adopted a Campus Compact Civic Engagement Plan to strengthen outreach and service-learning opportunities. Accordingly, a cross-section of 88 faculty, staff and students participated in the first-ever Day of Service on October 19, 2018, partnering with twelve organizations in the county.