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Business Development

Whether you're preparing to embark on an exciting journey of launching your own new business, or just interested in sharpening your personal business knowledge, Jefferson College has a wide variety of courses designed to meet your educational goals.

Business Start Up Power Series: Creating a Pitch and Pitching Instructor Led Courses (BUI 937)

Using lecture and interactive conversation we will discuss how to create effective 30 sec and 1 minute pitches. We will discuss the 3 types of pitches every person in business should know to gather a solid lead for their business.
FEE: $49

Business Start Up Power Series: The Art of Cold Calling (BUI 938)

This course will be engaging in purpose and drive between cold calling and solidifying leads for any business. We will cover different avenues to cold call and practice cold calling to sell a product/service or to successfully arrange a meeting with someone.
FEE: $49

Business Start Up Power Series: Networking for the Introvert and the Extrovert (BUI 939)

This course will help any person in business figure out if they are an extrovert or an introvert and learn skills which will help them in making successful connections regardless of their personality traits.
FEE: $49

Business Start Up Power Series: Local Resources for Funding and Networking Opportunities (BUI 940)

In this course, we will discuss many of the grants and funding competitions that available to local St Louis Business Owners and the free events around St Louis that encourage education and networking. 
FEE: $65

Check out some of our Online Business Courses and call the Continuing Education office at (636) 481-3144, to further explore the many available course enrollment options.

Additional Business courses are available through our learning partners. 

2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Open House - 5600 - APR 2060 - STL - Jefferson College - Showcase - 5600 - APR