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Get Involved in Psychology

The Psychology Department at Jefferson College offers a variety of opportunities to get involved beyond the classroom.

Psychology Club

The Jefferson College Psychology Club provides student with many opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.  These include community service, service learning, field trips, guest speakers, and both attendance and presentation at professional and research conferences in psychology.

Psychology Conferences

Are you interested in attending and potentially presenting at an undergraduate student psychology conference? Contact a full-time Psychology Department Faculty Member. Below are a few conference options:

Undergraduate Research

Are you interested participating in undergraduate research? Contact a Psychology Department Faculty Member for information about current study opportunities. Below are a few helpful links:

Service Learning

Service Learning: Some of the psychology classes offer service learning opportunities, which include projects in which the College partners with community organizations to offer student the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field. Honors General Psychology provides a service learning opportunity for students. During the semester, students research, organize and present information related to our course (single topic or multiple related topics) to community partners at area senior citizen centers.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Are you interested in participating in classes and trainings outside psychology classes? Contact a Psychology Department Faculty Member for information about current opportunities.

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