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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning (IESP) serves as a resource for effective planning and continuous improvement efforts in support of the achievement of Jefferson College's Mission, Vision and Values. 

The work of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning is focused in these areas:


IESP conducts and coordinates college-wide strategic planning activities and assists the Strategic Planning Committee in monitoring progress on the Strategic Aims during each five-year cycle and in managing the Capital Projects process. Support is also provided to facilitate effective departmental and committee planning activities. SPOL (Strategic Planning Online) software is available on MyJeffco for internal use to support planning and tracking progress.

Survey Administration

IESP promotes effective collection and appropriate use of survey data. Surveys are administered through IESP to protect participant confidentiality. Some data collection may also need to be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board. 

Grants Development

IESP is available to assist in locating grant opportunities and support in developing and submitting grant applications. Our goal is to equip faculty and staff with the resources for developing funding sources in support of quality educational programming and services for Jefferson College students. 

Consumer Information Reporting

IESP coordinates with other offices to ensure required consumer information reporting is accurate and updated each semester. 

For assistance in the above areas, contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning:   
(636) 481-3552 or Ext. 3552