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Reading Placement:


Math Placement:


Reading Placement Exam

Accuplacer Next Generation Reading (20 Questions)

  • Score 246+ – ENG101 & ENG099 (ALP)
  • Score 232-245 – ENG/RDG090
  • Score 231 or lower – Refer to the ASC

Math Placement Exam

MyMathTest (Calculators allowed)

1st Test - Algebra Skills (20 questions)

  • Score 80+ (Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra with support, Technical Math)
  • Score 20-79 (Business Math, Elementary Algebra)

nd Test – STEM College Math Readiness (10 questions)

  Given if a student achieves 80% on Algebra Skills or it is checked on a referral slip

  • Score 50+ (PreCalculus, College Algebra without support)
  • Score 0-49 (College Algebra with Support, Technical Math)

rd Test – Non-STEM College Math Readiness (20 questions)

 Given based on referral slip (For AAT & AFA degree students only)

  • Score 50+ (Survey College Math, Into Stats, Structure Real Number System)
  • Score 20-49 (Support Intro Stats, Support Survey College Math)
  • Score 0-19 – Refer to the Foundations Lab (TC-111)

Math Skills Topics

Non-STEM Readiness

Algebra Skills

STEM Readiness

Arithmetic operations (+, –, ×, ÷)

Evaluating algebraic expressions

Graphing lines

Calculating interest

Evaluating expressions with exponents

Graphing functions & identifying intercepts

Calculating percent

Graphing linear equations (y=mx+b)

Simplifying algebraic expressions

Solving proportions

Order of Operations

Evaluating expressions

Finding area

Factoring out the GCF; x²+bx+c

Solving linear equations & inequalities

Finding volume

Solving linear equations

Factoring simple quadratics

Finding temperature

Solving compound inequalities

Solving linear word problems

Interpreting bar charts

Solving quadratic equations

Polynomials (+, –, ×)

Interpreting line graphs

Solving systems of equations 2x2

Graphing Parabolas

Interpreting pie charts

Simplifying Square Roots

Use interval notation

Finding output in linear models

Distributive Property

Working w/ rules of exponents

Calculating mean of set of data

Combining Like Terms

Identifying max/min from graphs