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Resources for Students

Whether you are coming to Jefferson College directly from high school or whether you are returning to college after a break from school, the first year of college is quite a transition from what you already know. Don’t worry. There are plenty of great people on campus and a ton of resources to support you at Jefferson College.

Here are some useful tips and offices to get you started. And when in doubt, ask for help. Faculty and staff are here for you. We’ll help you find the right office, person, or resource to assist you. 

What to Expect 

  • You mostly set the schedule. Classes can be MWF, TR, everyday, one day a week, online. Really, the options are endless. No one is going to tell you when to get up in the morning. No one is going to fire you for being late. No one is going to set reminders when an assignment is due. YOU are responsible for this. Class times will be set for the semester. Assignments will have due dates. You get to decide if you are going to meet these expectations...of course if you don’t, there are ramifications for that. You may lose financial aid, be withdrawn from the class, or fail. You don’t want that and we don’t want that. 
  • Your class schedule in the fall is not going to be the same in the spring. Be sure to meet with an advisor each semester to discuss what classes you need.
  • You will be reading A LOT. It’s important that you keep up with reading assignments. This will help you to be successful.
  • Expect people to be different from you. Cliques don’t matter. Get to know everyone. 
  • College is different from high school and different from the workforce.
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How to Be Successful

  • Take care of business. Check that financial aid is in order. Make sure you have no holds on your account before you register for classes (i.e. parking tickets, overdue library books, past due tuition charges, etc.), get your books before class starts. 
  • Show up to class...and not just physically. Your faculty want to know you and hear from you. Prepare to contribute to the conversation. Read ahead and ask questions
  • Do your homework. If you are not feeling particularly motivated, then be particularly committed. Finish the assignment. Turn it in on time. 
  • Find your focus. Reduce distractions. Find a place to study (might we suggest the Library?). 
  • Enjoy the journey. Sure you are here to earn a degree, but don’t overlook all of the ‘extras.’ Get involved. Focus on learning more than on the grade. Pause now and again to recognize your accomplishments. 
  • The secret to success in college is within your reach.


  • Academic Success Center
    • Your best resource for tutoring, computer lab access, and achieving academic success. 
  • Bookstore
    • The Bookstore has all of your Jeffco course and apparel needs in one place. 
  • Child Development Center
    • Jefferson College Child Development Center is an accredited and state licensed laboratory-based center serving children of students, employees, and community families.
  • Accessibility Resource Office
    • The Accessibility Resource Office is committed to providing equal access to students with disabilities at Jefferson College.
  • Enrollment Services
    • The Office of Enrollment Services is your one stop shop for admissions, advising, financial aid, registration, student records, and transfer services. 
  • Library
    • Jefferson College students have access to books, movies, professional journal articles, study rooms, computers and tablets, and much more through the Library's website. 
  • Project SUCCESS
    • Project SUCCESS is an academic support program designed to assist students interested in transferring to four-year institutions to pursue a Bachelor's degree. 
  • Testing Center
    • The Testing Center offers a variety of testing services for students for placement in college courses and specific programs of study. 
  • FYE Corner


  • Campus Police
    • The Jefferson College Police Department is housed on campus and accessible 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. 
  • Counseling and Wellbeing
    • COMTREA On-Campus and the Vikings Care programs are here to support Jefferson College students with free counseling services along with events and resources to promote psychological and physical wellbeing.  
  • Student Financial Services
    • The office of Student Financial Services assists students through the administration of federal, state, and institutional aid.
  • Employment Services
    • From job searching, networking, resume writing, to job interviews, the Employment Services office can assist you in all aspects of career preparation.
  • FYE Corner

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