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Toolkit - Articles/Resources

One of the best ways to create an inclusive community is to make sure students, faculty and staff have the information they need to be successful in a diverse community. If you have something you think should be added to this page, please contact the committee co-chair

Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity

There are differences between race, nationality and ethnicity.  Knowing the difference can help our community understand each other better. The way we define these terms has also changed over time. To ensure the best information we’ve included links below from the field of sociology as well as government definitions for your reference.


Sexuality and Gender

Issues surrounding sex, gender, and sexual orientation are in the forefront of the news cycle. From the #MeToo movement to the increased visibility of trans people, the terms surrounding sexuality and gender can be confusing, but by understanding some key definitions, you can be better able to engage in conversation, and create a more welcoming environment on campus.

Our Title IX offices have extensive links on their pages, and are great starting places for students with issues regarding sexuality and gender issues:


According to the Pew Research Center more than 80% of Americans define themselves as religious and nearly 70% of those are Christian. Religious belief is diverse and very personal, and sometimes these deeply held religious convictions can cause intercultural conflict. Understanding religion and religious differences, can be helpful in allowing us to create vibrant inclusive spaces in our classrooms.


Disability and Mental Health

Serving students with disabilities is something that our Accessibility Resource Office does every day. Additionally, our RU Okay committee works to provide support for students to support their physical and mental health.  Their pages have excellent resources for students and faculty alike:

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