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ENG005, ENG017, and ENG098


English Course Guidelines

Basic Grammar & Punctuation (ENG005)

The goal of the Basic Grammar & Punctuation course is to develop writing proficiency emphasizing the mechanics of grammar, punctuation, usage, sentence building and capitalization.

Basic Grammar & Punctuation Course Outline
Basic Grammar & Punctuation Target Completion Dates


Spelling & Vocabulary Skills (ENG017)

The goal of Spelling & Vocabulary Skills is to offer techniques to improve writing quality and reading comprehension.

Spelling & Vocabulary Skills Course Information/Outline
Spelling & Vocabulary Skills Target Completion Dates


Basic Writing Skills I (ENG098)

The goal of Basic Writing Skills I is to prepare students to enter Basic Writing Skills II by reviewing grammar, punctuation, proper sentence structure, and topic sentences as students complete exercises and write sentences and short paragraphs.

Basic Writing Skills I Course Syllabus
Basic Writing Skills I Course Outline
Basic Writing Skills I Target Completion Dates