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Class Schedule

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Registration for Summer 2017 opens on Monday, February 6th!

Spring 2017 Summer 2017 DRAFT Fall 2017 DRAFT
All Courses All Courses DRAFT All Courses DRAFT
JC - Hillsboro JC - Hillsboro DRAFT JC - Hillsboro DRAFT
JC - Arnold JC - Arnold DRAFT JC - Arnold DRAFT
JC - Online JC - Online DRAFT JC - Online DRAFT
JC - Imperial JC - Imperial DRAFT JC - Imperial DRAFT
JC - Other JC - Other DRAFT JC - Other DRAFT
One Night Plus One Night Plus DRAFT One Night Plus DRAFT
Evening Evening DRAFT Evening DRAFT
Saturday First 4-Week DRAFT Saturday DRAFT
First 8-Week 6-Week DRAFT First 8-Week DRAFT
Second 8-Week 8-Week DRAFT Second 8-Week DRAFT
Hybrid Second 4-Week DRAFT Hybrid DRAFT
Honors Hybrid DRAFT Honors DRAFT
Wintersession **** Intersession DRAFT  
Law Enforcement Academy Law Enforcement Academy DRAFT Law Enforcement Academy DRAFT
Humanities Humanities DRAFT Humanities DRAFT
Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

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Questions? Please contact Enrollment Services at 636-481-3209.


After a student enrolls in classes, he/she has three options for payment:

1) Pay in full;
2) Have pending financial aid*;
3) Enroll in the tuition payment plan.

One of these three options must be in place to secure enrollment.

*Pending financial aid is defined as FAFSA results and all other required and requested forms of supporting documentation received by Jefferson College that indicate that a student is eligible for federal/state financial aid.

Spring 2017 Payment Plan Deadlines:
Wednesday, January 18

Spring 2017 Drop for Nonpayment Dates:
Thursday, January 19
Thursday, February 2
Thursday, February 16
Thursday, March 2
Thursday, March 23

Summer 2017 Payment Plan Deadlines:
Wednesday, April 26
Wednesday, May 24
Wednesday, June 14
Summer 2017 Drop for Nonpayment Dates:
Thursday, April 27
Thursday, May 25
Thursday, June 15