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Flight School

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Private Pilot Ground School
(REC 906)

The Private Pilot Ground School course, taught by Certified 
Flight/Ground Instructors, is designed to provide the student with basic knowledge in areas such as: Theory of Flight, Weather, Aircraft Systems Operation, Navigation, Flight Planning, Safety, FAA Regulations, and many more. Successful completion of this course will enable the student to take the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam.

This course is taught by by FAA Certified Instructors with 
hundreds of hours of flight instruction experience and pilot hours flown. Their experience includes not only basic flight instruction, but also instrument flight instruction. They are rated for both single and multi-engine aircraft. 

Students must be AT LEAST 15 years of age to receive a sign-off to take the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam and may then qualify within 24 months, at the age of 17 to receive a Pilot Certificate. This requirement is in compliance with the FAA Regulations. In addition, students must be able to read and write fluently in English. (FAA Regulations state "English is the International Language of Flight Communications") 

NOTE: Students MUST Register and Pay through the Festus Airport! Please call Paul Karasek at (636) 937-2228. Additional material costs not included in the course 
fee are required

Dates and times to be announced.

*For additional information, 
call Paul Karasek at (636) 937-2228




Instrument Pilot Ground School
(REC 907)

This course prepares a pilot for the instrument pilot knowledge test.  Taught by certified flight/ground instructors with hundreds of hours of flight instruction experience; their experience includes instruction from private pilot through certified flight instructor.

The instrument class is a ten week course taught at the Festus Airport.  Areas of instruction are airplane instruments, attitude flying, navigation, federal regulations, airspace, instrument approaches, aviation weather, aeromedical factors, and IFR flights.

The cost is $275 plus materials ($36 plus tax).  Students must register and pay through the Festus Airport.  Contact Paul Karasek at 636-937-2228 with any questions. 

Dates and times to be announced,