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EMT/Paramedic Course Syllabus

Courses Offered

​EMT111 Emergency Medical Technology I: Prepares an individual in all phases of emergency care with the focus on general emergency care, patient transport, and patient handling,

EMT206, Pre-Paramedic Training: Directed toward exposing the EMT to the concepts and techniques of pre-hospital care at the paramedic level. This course allows those prehospital providers with little or no working experience in EMS to be evaluated in their performance, as well as their knowledge. This evaluation will allow the student to consider if he/she is competent to pursue a career in EMS as a paramedic.

EMT235, EMT Paramedic I: The EMT Paramedic program, consisting of EMT235, Paramedic I, and EMT236, Paramedic II, is designed to meet the professional expectations of the paramedic in the emergency field. The paramedic will be prepared to effectively handle all types of medical and trauma emergencies. These courses consist of 36 weeks of instruction, two days per week, and arranged clinical and internship experiences.

EMT236, EMT Paramedic II: EMT Paramedic II is a continuation of EMT Paramedic I. Successful completion of these courses will enable the student to take the practical and written examinations with the NREMT for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic. This certification will then be recognized by the Missouri Department of Health–Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for licensure as a Paramedic.