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Personal Interest

Jefferson College boasts a wide variety of personal interest courses. We have a little bit of something for everyone. There are dance classes for those who are light
on their feet (or perhaps those who just want to be), watercolor painting for the budding artist, floral arranging for those who are excited about home decor, and so much more!


Beyond the Basics in Watercolor

Students learn how to take basic watercolor techniques to plan and create finished paintings, using values and a limited palette of colors. Class will cover how to simplify washes, how to control soft and hard edges, how to control wet into wet, and how to plan a pleasing composition. (Drawing skills not required.) Students will be given a supply list at the time of registration.

Section: 0
Day/Date/Time: T, (Not Available for Summer)
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Sessions: 4
Instructor: Wendy Martin
Fee: $49
Location: Festus Senior High, Room 229


Those of you new to this medium will learn the basic principles of watercolor. Completion of one (or more) pictures from start to finish, is the goal for this class. You will learn to mix colors, use color values, and enlarge your photos. Students will also be given many reference notes which may be used later. Class will actually begin their project on the first night, so be sure to bring your supplies with you. NOTE: Brushes will be the most expensive item on your supply list. Please call (636) 481-3144 to receive a copy of the supply list during registration.

Section: 0
Day/Date/Time: T, (Not Available for Summer)
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sessions: 6
Instructor: Bonnie Blass
Fee: $59
Location: To Be Announced



Pen & Ink  (Not Available for Summer)

Like to sketch? Then why not take it to the next level with a Pen & Ink class? Basic sketching techniques and instructions for how to ink the final picture will be covered. Students will be taught how to frame their art with a matt, enlarge a photo, and make greeting cards or stationery to use or give. Call (636) 481-3144 to receive a copy of the required supply list, which will be given at the time of registration. We will begin our projects on the first night, so be sure to bring your supplies!


Felting 101:The Basics
(ART - 994)

More than 2000 years ago, man discovered wool fibers could be felted into a dense fabric that was both warm and protective. Nowadays, felters have gone a step further, making felt from sheep's wool, alpaca, llamas and many more fibers to create hats, scarves, toys, art, men's boxer shorts, other clothing items, etc... In this class we will start with the basics; cleaning, carding, combing and dyeing our fibers. We will wet felt, 3-D felt, needle felt, and use reclaimed wool fabric and sweaters. A supply list will be provided the first night of class.

Day/Date/Time: M, (Not Available for Summer)
7:00pm - 9:00pm 
Instructor: Sheryl Bartch 
Fee: $59 
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 3C






















Gifts for holiday giving and beyond! In this class we will make several gifts ranging from handmade soaps to spicy meat rubs, serving bowl potpourri and too much more to mention. So come join the fun and make homemade holiday gifts for your friends and family.

A list of supplies not covered by the course fee will be provided during the first session.

Section: 0
Day/Date/Time: T,
(Not Available for Summer)
7:00pm  - 9:00pm
Sessions: 4
Instructor: Sheryl Bartch
Fee: $59
Location: Fine Arts Bldg, 3C

Holiday Design
(ART 973)

Decorate your home for the holidays with homemade decorations. We will be making garlands, ornaments, wreaths, swags, table scapes and much more. We will cover Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In class we will use recycled artificial Christmas trees and lots of things from around the yard and house. A supply list will be given the first night of class!

NOTE: (Not Available for Summer)

Day/Date/Time: W, 
7:00pm - 9:00pm 
Instructor: Sheryl Bartch 
Fee: $59 
Location: Fine Arts, Room 3C 

Note: There are additional Personal Interest courses listed in the CE Schedule. Please check the schedule for additional listings.


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