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Nursing Program Receives $150,000 Grant

Nursing Program Receives $150,000 Grant

Jefferson College has been awarded $150,000 as one of six colleges and universities across Missouri to receive grants to expand nursing education programs. The grants, totaling more than $800,000, were awarded by the Department of Higher Education and the Missouri Board of Nursing.

The goal of the grant program is to increase the number of nurses in Missouri, especially in areas where a shortage of health care professionals exists.

Jefferson College will use the $150,000 to fund the expansion of a Nursing Education and Simulation Technology (NEST) lab to enhance student training necessary to meet the needs of workforce partners throughout the region. The program does not presently have the capacity to house concurrent simulations.

“Nursing faces some difficult challenges in developing quality educational experiences in our digital age. The improved simulation lab will allow us to embrace those same difficulties and turn them into positive opportunities,” said Jefferson College Director of Nursing Linda Boevingloh. “The new design will duplicate the hospital setting that, when combined with our state-of-the-art manikins, will enable students to easily transfer skills to the real world. The bottom line is that Jefferson College has made a substantial commitment to ensure that nursing education is on the cutting edge. Our nursing graduates will enter the workforce better trained and ready to combine science with the caring that are the cornerstones of our profession.”

“These grants will provide valuable educational opportunities for many students and help meet Missouri’s growing need for highly trained health care professionals,” added Zora Mulligan, Missouri commissioner of higher education.

In recent years, the Jefferson College Nursing program has undergone a revitalization with a revamped curriculum, an emphasis on skills development and academic needs of students, introduction of state-of-the-art patient simulation equipment, and the leadership of highly qualified faculty who are working together to bring a wide range of professional experiences to the classroom.

Since the early 1970s, the program has enabled thousands of area residents to pursue highly successful careers at many of the top healthcare facilities in Jefferson County and the surrounding St. Louis region. Both of the Jefferson College Level I/PN and Level II/RN programs have full approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing (MSBN).

Grant recipients were selected by the Missouri Board of Nursing and the Department of Higher Education through a competitive application process.

The other 2017 grant recipients are:

Columbia College – $150,000

Crowder College, Neosho – $ 98,478

State Fair Community College, Sedalia – $149,730

University of Missouri-Kansas City – $150,000

Webster University, St. Louis – $112,013