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What are Online Course Materials?
Streaming videos provide internet access to most supplemental materials for online classes. However, some students prefer the convenience of these materials on DVD. Also, some courses do not provide the materials via the Internet. The Library provides copies of online course materials for students enrolled in these classes. Students may check out sets of materials for the semester at the Circulation Desk at the Libraries in Hillsboro and Arnold, or at the front desk at Imperial or Northwest. If you would like to have online course materials sent to the Northwest or Imperial locations, please call the library at (636)481-3167 or -3166.

Avoid Library holds on your account
                 Return Summer Session materials                        by July 31, 2014

How will I know about these materials?
When you register for an online course, you will receive notification that these materials are required. Also, here is a list of the classes for the CURRENT SEMESTER that have materials available in the Library.

Summer Semester

• ART 101 Art Appreciation
• ECE 102 Intro to Early Childhood 
• HST 202 Renaissance/Early Mod Europe
• MTH 002 Beginning Algebra--Meyers
• MTH 128 Intermediate Algebra
• MTH 134 College Algebra
• PHL 101 Logic
• PHY 101 Survey of Physical Science
• PHY 102 Topics of Physical Science
• PSC 102 US & Missouri Gov & Con
• PSC 103 Current Political Issues
• SPD 105 Oral Communications--Ellison




Last Updated ( Friday, 09 May 2014 )
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