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Welcome to Project SUCCESS! Here you will find information about our program and the services we offer to students. If you have any questions, please stop by our office in room 204 of the Student Center or call us at 636/481.3281.    

Student Support Services is part of the federally funded TRIO Program through the U.S. Department of Education. Project SUCCESS is the name given to the Student Support Services program here at Jefferson College. To learn more about TRIO programs, please visit the Council for Opportunity in Education or the U.S. Department of Education.

The purposes of the Student Support Services program (Project SUCCESS) are as follows:

  1. To increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible students;

  2. To increase the transfer rates of eligible students from two-year to four-year institutions;

  3. To foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of students who are low-income, first-generation and/or individuals with disabilities.

The mission of our department is to identify, recruit and assist eligible students in achieving their academic and personal goals at Jefferson College and, if pursuing a bachelor's degree, successfully transferring to a four-year institution.

You can contact us by calling our office at 636-481-3281 or 797-3000, ext. 3281 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Student Support Services - Project SUCCESS is 100% federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

It is the policy of Jefferson College that no person shall, on the basis of age, ancestry, color, creed, disability, gender, national origin, race, or religion, be subject to discrimination in employment or in admission to any educational program or activity of the College.  Please note:  If accommodations for a disability are needed, please contact Christine Platter at (636) 481-3169 or 797-3000, ext. 3169.  TDD users may call (636) 789-5772.


Project Success  

Academic Growth

Academic Advising and Support

Project SUCCESS staff aid students by providing academic support and course advising. Prior to registration each semester, participants are encouraged to meet with their coordinator for an academic planning meeting. In this meeting students and their coordinator discuss potential schedules for the upcoming semester and courses needed for graduation and transfer.

Peer Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring:   Project SUCCESS hires drop-in tutors each semester to work directly with PS participants. PS students can stop by to see the drop-in tutors for assistance in virtually any subject area. The tutors are also able to assist participants with study tips, note-taking, and computer basics.

Additional Tutoring Hours: The campus Peer Tutoring program is available to all students for one free tutoring hour a week for each course in which a student is enrolled. Project SUCCESS students can utilize additional tutoring hours by speaking with his/her Program Coordinator. Participants may eligible for up to three additional tutoring hours each week per class. 

Transfer Assistance

As part of our goal to assist students in graduating from Jefferson College and transferring to a 4-year college or university, Project SUCCESS Coordinators offer transfer counseling and assistance to participants. This assistance includes research of potential transfer institutions, academic planning and course selection to ensure transferability of classes taken at Jefferson College, guidance in scholarship search, financial aid application assistance, transfer portfolios, and campus visits to St. Louis-area colleges and universities.

Campus Visits 

Project SUCCESS regularly visits local four-year institutions each semester. Program participants are encouraged to attend these campus visits and benefit from the information given on the campus tours. It's a great way to learn more about schools in your area rather than simply depending on brochures, catalogs, or websites. Many of our program participants have changed their minds about transfer schools just by attending a campus visit.

Personal Growth

Personal Support

Project SUCCESS staff understand that many of our students attend school, work and have families, which can be stressful to a college student. We like to help our participants by offering a variety of services that focus on one's emotional well-being as well as academic success. In addition to the support students receive from Project SUCCESS staff, the College offers professional counseling. Please contact the COMTREA counselor on campus at 636/797.3000 extension 3209 or 3215.

Cultural Events and Trips

Each semester Project SUCCESS organizes a field trip for participants. These trips are a terrific way of getting to know other students participating in the program.  Students will have the opportunity to experience something new and to explore the community and city around them. The cultural field trips are free to active participants in Project SUCCESS.

Informational Workshops

A wide variety of topics are covered in workshops each semester. The workshops are intended to assist students in accessing information, as well as learning from their peers in the program, about strategies and resources that will work for them. Some of the workshop topics include financial literacy, study skills, stress management, and transfer assistance.

Leadership Opportunities


Team TRiO is a fantastic leadership opportunity which can add a great deal to the Jefferson College experience. Team TRiO members are consulted when decisions made by Project SUCCESS staff are directly related to enhancing participants' experience in the program, such as our transfer visits, cultural events and workshop topics. Team TRiO members also have the opportunity to mentor new students, while being mentored by Jefferson College leaders.

GUD 140: Community Exploration: Understanding Diversity through Service 

The focus of Community Exploration is to gain a richer understanding of diversity in one’s community through the participation in 15 Service-Learning hours and in class lectures and activities. This course is designed to encourage students to develop the leadership skills and a pluralistic worldview necessary to be successful in today’s global society and market. This course is offered free to Project SUCCESS participants. 

Beyond Jefferson College

Career Counseling

Employment Services at Jefferson College is an invaluable resource to Jefferson College students and area residents searching for positions in the workforce. Project SUCCESS works with the Employment Services office to provide participants information on resume writing and interviewing techniques.

In addition to utilizing the Employment Resources office, Project SUCCESS accesses information provided in the Career Development Center to help participants explore career fields and areas of interest. Furthermore, Project SUCCESS has various computer software assessments and hard-copy assessments that aid students in making career choices.


Each year Project SUCCESS selects 160 Jefferson College students and provides them with intense academic and personal support. To be eligible for the program, students must be planning to earn an Associate's Degree and/or transfer to a four-year institution, and display a minimum GPA of 1.5. If no grade point average is available, the student must meet ability-to-benefit guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education.

Students must also meet one of the following criteria:

  1. First-generation college student - neither parent has completed a bachelor's degree

  2. Low-income - based on federal income guidelines

  3. Disabled - documented physical, psychological or learning disability

Project SUCCESS Staff

Miriam Rouggly, Secretary
636-481-3281 or 636-797-3000, ext. 3281

I began my career at Jefferson College as an Office Specialist on the Arnold campus in 2011.  In October of 2012, I was privileged to join the Project SUCCESS team.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies/Education from Azusa Pacific University in California and have worked in a variety of educational settings.  I have always enjoyed working with college students and I am proud to be involved in such an essential program on campus.   It is an honor to contribute to the success and achievement of our students on a daily basis.    



Diane Arnzen, Director
636-481-3282 or 636-797-3000, ext. 3282

I joined the Project SUCCESS team in July of 2012. I have a Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies from Webster University and a Master's degree in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University. I have worked in higher education since 1999 filling a variety of roles providing academic support, disability services, academic enrichment, and academic advising. I feel privileged to be a part of Project SUCCESS where I can assist students in the achievement of their academic goals. 



Teresa Schwartz, Academic Skills Coordinator
636-481-3284 or 636-797-3000, ext. 3284

I came to Jefferson College as the Disability Support Specialist for Project SUCCESS in October of 2002. I have a bachelor's degree in English from Lindenwood University and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Missouri Baptist University. Working with the students in Project SUCCESS has been very rewarding. I am amazed and humbled when I see the challenges that face the students here and the courage and tenacity with which they are met. I feel very lucky and proud to be a small part of their Jefferson College experience.



laura_2012 Laura McCloskey, Student Support Coordinator
636-481-3283 or 636-797-3000, ext. 3283

I started at Jefferson College in August 2002, as a temporary full-time instructor in the department of Speech and Drama. In November 2003, I moved over to the Student Services side of the College and became the Student Support Coordinator for Student Support Services - Project SUCCESS. My educational background includes a B.S. in Communication and Psychology and a M.A. in Communication from Missouri State University. I enjoy my position in Student Support Services and am glad I have the opportunity to help students achieve their educational goals.



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