Foundation Supports Teaching/Learning Initiatives

July 11, 2012

Upholding its mission to support the growth and development of Jefferson College, the Foundation recently approved $11,250 for a variety of funding requests that will have a positive impact on student learning and teaching effectiveness.

Assistant Music Professor/Director of Jazz Dr. Joel Vanderheyden received $2,250 to participate in the Missouri Saxophone Quartet at the World Saxophone Congress in Scotland this July. The group will premiere two compositions while serving as ambassadors for the region, state and nation. In addition to the performance, Vanderheyden will network with other musicians from across the globe to further opportunities for instructional collaboration that will benefit students at Jefferson College.

To enhance student research, faculty professional development and personal enrichment of community members, the Foundation approved $5,000 to purchase a reference collection for the Social Science Division. The hardcover collection will include maps, photos and a wealth of information to engage students and make the learning experience more meaningful. Students, faculty and community members will have access to the books through the college Library.

Biology Professors Dr. Patricia McDaniel and Dora Mitchell were granted $4,000 to participate in the Kenya Wildlife Conservation Program in August. The two-week initiative will include development of a conservation management plan; documenting giraffe, eland, zebra, wildebeest, impala, and other wildlife; counting the number of birds and mammals along safari routes; recording activities of predators such as lion and cheetah; and  detailing movements of wildlife between Maasai lands and the national game reserve. Both faculty members will use their knowledge from the professional development experience to supplement coursework and heighten student learning opportunities.