Speech & Drama

The Theater program will involve you in acting, technical theater, set design and construction, lighting, sound, costuming, and make-up. Participation is open to all students. Regardless of your experience, we want you to involve yourself in our five annual productions, student one-acts, and traveling shows.
The theater curriculum includes the following classes: Introduction to Theater, Beginning Acting, Theater Practicum, Stagecraft, and Oral Interpretation. 

Video Production classes offered through the facilities at Jefferson College Television (JCTV Cable Channel 13) give students a thorough introduction to the various aspects of video production, be it corporate or broadcast. The classes are naturally diverse and combine classroom lectures followed by hands-on work sessions. With a spacious studio combined with state-of-the-art digital equipment, students receive a modern overview of camera, lighting, audio, and editing techniques.

Meet the Faculty

SPD105 Oral Communication
SPD105H Honors Oral Communication
SPD120 Theatre Appreciation 
SPD120H Honors Theatre Appreciation
SPD130 Beginning Acting
SPD140 Stagecraft
SPD175 Public Speaking
SPD186 Intro to Television Production
SPD199 Theatre Practicum
SPD286 Television Production II


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