Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is one of America's fastest-growing career fields. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for correctional officers, law enforcement officers and security officers is projected to increase as much as 35% through 2010. (Bureau of labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-2003)

Jefferson College knows the demanding schedule of today’s students and professionals. To meet this demand, Jefferson College has designed a full range of degree tracks for students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice profession.

Meet the Faculty

Degree Tracks
Associate of Applied Science / Certificate (Criminal Justice)
Associate of Applied Science / Law Enforcement Academy
Associate of Arts / Transfer degree (Criminal Justice)
Associate of Arts / Online degree (Criminal Justice)

The Criminal Justice program at Jefferson College teaches the fundamentals of the criminal justice profession, providing the student with a broad base of knowledge that integrates academic content in corrections, law enforcement, court systems and private security. The primary goal of this program is to give students the broad-based preparation necessary to become qualified criminal justice professionals in the field.

Current Courses offered include:
CRJ110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ112 Criminal Law
CRJ114 Rules of Criminal Evidence
CRJ120 Juvenile Justice System
CRJ130 Introduction to Corrections
CRJ135 Terrorism
CRJ140 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CRJ220 Criminal Justice Internship
CRJ222 Criminal Investigation
CRJ224 Criminal Justice Organizational Leadership
CRJ230 Correctional Institutions


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