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What is Continuing Education?students

Jefferson College Continuing Education courses provide our students with the opportunity to:

  • Enter or re-enter the mainstream of education;

  • Prepare for occupational advancement or re-training;

  • Make learning a lifelong process.

Continuing Education Units (1 unit per 10 class hours) are awarded to:

  • Those seeking occupational certification & licensure programs;

  • Those who have an 80 percent course attendance record.


Enrollment is accepted on a "first come, first served" basis for any person 17 years of age or older, unless otherwise indicated in the course description. Upon registration your class will meet unless you are notified it is cancelled.

Jefferson College reserves the right to substitute teachers when necessary.

Course Fees

Course fees are listed with each course listing and are to be paid in advance of the first session.


In case of course cancellation, you will receive a full refund. Requests for refunds must be made 48 hours before the course start date by calling (636)797-3000, 789-3000 or 942-3000 ext. 3144.

Class Cancellations

Classes will not meet when buildings are closed for holidays, snow days, or other emergencies.  Radio and television stations will announce class cancellations because of inclement weather.

Jefferson College reserves the right to cancel a class session when necessary and will provide a make-up session.

Attendance of Children

Students are not permitted to bring children to class, nor should children be left unattended in the halls, offices, Library, Student Center or outside on campus.

Student Right to Privacy and Nondisclosure

Under the Family Education Right to Privacy Act, all students have the right to review their official college records. Inquiries regarding the Act of 1974 are directed to the Registrar. Additionally, Jefferson College may make available to any person certain directory information: name, telephone, and dates of attendance. All other information which the College collects is held in confidence. Finally, new and returning students are advised that the Social Security number is voluntarily disclosed to the College.

Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

Disclosures required by Title II of P.L.101-542, as amended, will be made available in a timely manner to prospective and current students and employees. Such information and statistics shall be disclosed in The Windjammer, the student newspaper, on information boards, and through the Office of Human Resources.

For more information . . .

  • Phone: (636)797-3000, 789-3000, or 942-3000, ext. 3144, or contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 December 2013 )
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