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Be certain you are viewing the appropriate semester's information! To access the information, just click on the text itself.

If you can see this page, but get an error when attempting to access course information (i.e. Page Cannot be Displayed), there may be a security issue on your end.  We believe this is due to firewall settings.  Please try accessing the information from a less secure location or temporarily disable the firewall on your system. 


Summer and Fall 2014 Registration Now OPEN!! 

You can stop by any registration location,
call the Enrollment Services Office for an appointment at
636-481-3209 or 636-797-3000 ext. 3209,
or register online through your STARS account!

Don't Delay, Register Today!

Click Here for the Spring 2014 Class Schedule

                             Click Here for Important Spring/Summer 2014
                                           Registration Information

                                      Spring 2014 Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

Summer 2014   Fall 2014 Spring 2015 DRAFT 
All Courses All Courses  All Courses DRAFT
JC - Hillsboro JC - Hillsboro  JC - Hillsboro DRAFT
JC - Arnold JC - Arnold  JC - Arnold DRAFT
JC - Northwest JC - Northwest  JC - Northwest DRAFT
JC - Online JC - Online  JC - Online DRAFT
JC - Imperial  JC - Imperial  JC - Imperial DRAFT
JC - Other JC - Other  JC - Other DRAFT
Intersession One Night Plus  One Night Plus DRAFT
Evening Evening  Evening DRAFT
Saturday Saturday  Saturday DRAFT
6-Week Courses First 8-Week  First 8-Week DRAFT
8-Week Courses Second 8-Week  Second 8-Week DRAFT
Hybrid Courses Hybrid Courses  Hybrid Courses DRAFT
Honors  Honors  Honors DRAFT
MO Health WINS MO Health WINS   Wintersession
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
 Law Enforcement
 Academy DRAFT
Humanities Humanities  Humanities DRAFT
Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines Add/Drop/Withdrawal 
Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines



After enrolling in classes, students have three options for payment:

1) Pay in full
2) Have pending or approved Financial Aid
3) Enroll in a tuition payment plan

One of these options must be in place by the deadlines listed below, or students will be DROPPED FOR NONPAYMENT.

Fall 2014 Payment Deadlines:
Wednesday, June 25
Wednesday, July 23
Wednesday, August 20
Wednesday, September 24



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