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Computer Support Option, Criminal Justice Cyber Security Option, or Graphics/Web Developer

(Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate. courses required for the career-technical certificate are indicated by *.)

Computer Support Option graduates provide technical assistance to computer system users. They may answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone, or from a remote location. They may provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems. Job titles may include: Help Desk Analyst, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Technical Support Specialist, Network Support Specialist, or Network Technician.

The courses in this program cover computer hardware, software, programming, and networking. Students will prepare for the A+ and Network+ certifications. Learning objectives for Introduction to Computer Support, Advanced Computer Support, Networking I, and Networking II correspond directly with the certification exam objectives.

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Recommended Order of Courses

Courses Offered
CIS120  Fiber Optics Technology
CIS122 Basic Computer Skills
CIS125 Introduction to Information Systems
CIS129 Programming Logic
CIS133 Microcomputer Software Applications
CIS135 Introduction to PhotoShop CS
CIS145 Writing for Technology
CIS147 Networking I
CIS150 Introduction to Computer Support
CIS153 Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
CIS154 MS Server I
CIS155 Introduction to Computer Programming
CIS160 Web Development Tools - Dream Weaver and GoLive
CIS165 Programming for the Web
CIS199 CIS Internship
CIS210 Flash
CIS215 Cabling and Equipment Installation
CIS220 MS Server II
CIS235 Advanced PhotoShop CS and Illustrator
CIS236 SQL and Database Design
CIS243 Advanced Computer Support
CIS247 Networking II
CIS254 MS Server III
CIS255 Web/Graphics Project Portfolio Development
CIS260 Information Systems Security
CIS275 Linux OS
CIS282 Networking/Support Projects
CIS285 e-Commerce Concepts
CIS287 Advanced Web Development

Required for CIS:
Flash drive

12-13 Gainful Employment Disclosures for Computer Information Systems-Computer Support Option Certificate Program

12-13 Gainful Employment Disclosures for Computer Information Systems-Graphic/Web Developer Certificate Program 

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