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How to Take Online Courses

Purchase your textbooks or other materials from the campus bookstore.  Textbooks can be purchased online by going to the bookstore's website  or calling the bookstore at (636) 481-3251 or (636) 797-3000, ext. 3251.  Be sure to mention that you are in an online course since textbooks sometimes vary from on-campus classes.  

Obtain your student I.D. from the Student Center or Hillsboro campus Library, the office at JC-Arnold, the office at JC-Imperial, or the office at JC-Northwest. This I.D. is required to check out materials from the Library as well as for using the Testing Center and other activities on campus. Alternative accommodations will be made for students outside Jefferson County.  

For courses which have a media component, check out the CD's or DVD’s from the College Library.   You may keep the material until the end of the semester.  Use the online request form link to arrange to have a set of materials sent to the Imperial or Northwest site for you to pick up.  If you live outside the local area, call the Library staff at ext. 3166 or 3167 to arrange for delivery.   

View the course online orientation information or attend the on-campus orientation session if provided. Here you will meet your instructor, review course expectations, and get answers to your questions about the course. 

Complete assignments and take exams within the deadlines provided. Contact your instructor if you have any questions as the course progresses. 

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 May 2014 )
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