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Are Online Courses Right for Me?
This simple, quick questionnaire is designed to help potential online students assess their chances for success in this alternative learning environment.  Explanations are included below.

  • Do you have circumstances that prevent you from coming to campus one to three times a week?

  • Do you manage your time well and get things done on time without having to be reminded? 

  • Are you self-motivated and a self-starter? 

  • Are you comfortable using technology such as computers, email, and the Internet? 

  • Do you have reasonably strong reading skills—can you read college-level textbooks and understand them? 
    Can you accurately follow written instructions? 

How to Score Yourself:
If you answered YES to all or almost all of the questions, you would probably enjoy taking an online course. These are courses in which you work independently. The instructor will determine the course completion requirements. The student assumes the responsibility to fulfill these requirements. The instructor will be accessible to the student but not in traditional weekly class meetings.

If you answered NO to all or most of the questions, you would probably prefer traditional classes. These classes meet at certain weekly times and have an instructor present. Some students are more successful in this type of environment.

Online courses provide an opportunity for today’s busy adult students to continue their education even if, by necessity or preference, they are not able to come to the campus during the specified times of other sections of the same course.

  • Some online courses require on-campus work--review sessions, exams, labs, etc.  Check with the course instructor to determine how much, if any, on-campus work is required.

  • Some students prefer the independence of online courses; others find it uncomfortable. Successful online students are usually those who complete their work on time and do not put things off until the last minute. 
  • Online courses give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they can require more self-discipline than on-campus classes. 

  • Online courses use technology for teaching and communication.  

  • Written materials are often the primary source of information in online courses.   Online courses require you to work from written directions without face-to-face instruction.

While online courses are more convenient to schedule, students who have taken the courses in the past agree that they are not easier. They require a lot of work, discipline, and self-motivation to keep up with the assignments.  

Students who successfully complete distance learning courses are generally self-motivated, keep up to date with assignments without reminders, and have good reading skills.

If you have additional questions about online courses, consult an academic advisor or contact Allan Wamsley, Director of Online Learning and Educational Technology at (636) 481-3342, (636) 797-3000 ext. 3342, or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Last Updated ( Friday, 09 May 2014 )
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