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Learn to Swim - Level IV & V | Print |
Learn to Swim - Level IV & V


Your child will improve and refine his/her skills with
the elementary backstroke, breaststroke and butter-
fly stroke. Rescue breathing, survival swimming, safe diving rules, tuck surface dive and pike surface dive
will all be covered. If you have completed Level III
course objectives and/or can meet the requirements
set by the American Red Cross, you may enroll in
this course. This course is being offered in cooperation with the American Red Cross.

Section 0
Day/Date/Time: M-R,
July 7 - July 17, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Sessions: 8
Fee: $55
Instructor: Tom Girard
Location: Field House, Swimming Pool
Reference # 11851

ATTENTION PARENTS: Please click the links below to print your child's course lessons and
pertinent course information.
Parents Newsletter Level IV and Parents Newsletter Level V
Week 1, Safety Rule: "Be Cool, Follow the Rule!" 
            Worksheet: None
Week 2, Safety Rule: "Swim With a Buddy in a Supervised Area" 
Recreational Water Illnesses-Lvl 4
                                Recreational Water Illnesses-Lvl 5
Week 3, Safety Rule: "Look Before You Leap"
Let Willie Be Your Guide 1 
                                Let Willie Be Your Guide 2

Week 4, Safety Rules: "Don't Just Packet, Wear Your Jacket"
                                 "Learn About Boating Before You Go Floating" 
Directions and Rough Draft for: A Safe Boating Story

Week 5, Safety Rules: "Think So You Don't Sink" &
                                 "Reach or Throw - Don't Go"
Why Do Humans Float 1 
                                Why Do Humans Float 2
                                What is Buoyancy? 1
                                What is Buoyancy? 2 
                                Make Life Jugs
Week 6, Safety Rule: "In Your House and In Your Yard - Watch For Water, Be On Guard" 
Floodwater Crossword Puzzle
                               Flood Watch Word Search
                               Flood Watch Fill In The Blank
Week 7, Safety Rule: "Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice" 
Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice 
Week 8, Safety Rule: "Wave, Tide or Ride - Follow the Guide"
            Worksheet: None
Week 9, Safety Rule: "Too Much Sun is No Fun" 
             Worksheet: None
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