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Learn to Swim - Level III | Print |

Developing the butterfly kick, survival float, back float, front and back crawl are all goals at this particular level. Your child will also be introduced to rotary breathing, kneeling, standing dive, and reaching assist. If your child has completed Level II course objectives and/or can meet the requirements set by the American Red Cross, they may enroll in this course. This course is being offered in cooperation with the American Red Cross.


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Day/Date/Time: M-R
July 7 - July 17, 10:00am - 11:00am
Sessions: 8
Fee: $55
Instructor: Tom Girard
Location: Field House, Swimming Pool
Reference # 11850



ATTENTION PARENTS: Please click on the links below to print your child's course lessons and pertinent     
course materials.  


Parent's Newsletter-Swim Level III 

Week 1, Safety Rule: "Be Cool, Follow the Rule!" 
            Worksheets: Be Cool, Follow the Rule! 
                                 Which Rule Comes First?

Week 2, Safety Rule:"Swim With a Buddy in a Supervised Area" 
Secret Message 
                                Where Do You Swim?
Week 3, Safety Rule:"Look Before You Leap" 
Think Before You Jump In
Week 4, Safety Rule:"Don't Just Packet, Wear Your Jacket" 
Don't Forget
Week 5, Safety Rule:"Think So You Don't Sink" & "Reach or Throw - Don't Go!"
          Worksheets: Self-Rescue Quiz
                               Reach Out and Help
Week 6, Safety Rule:"In Your House and In Your Yard - Watch For Water, Be On Guard" 
            Worksheet: Willie's Rules Around Dams, Rivers and Canals
Week 7, Safety Rule:"Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice" 
Ice Self-Rescue
Week 8, Safety Rule: "Wave Tide or Ride - Follow the Guide" 
            Worksheet: Think So You Dont' Sink - Surf Beach Safety
Week 9, Safety Rule: "Too Much Sun is No Fun" 
             Worksheet: None
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