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Learn To Swim - Level I | Print |
 Swim Level I,

If you are a non-swimmer and at least five years old OR have passed Pre-School Swim Level III, and are at least four years old, you are eligible to take this course. Goals include: becoming familiar with using a life jacket, opening eyes underwater to pick up submerged objects, floating on front and back, using arm and leg actions, recognizing a swimmer in distress, and getting help. This course is being offered in cooperation with the American Red Cross.

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Day/Date/Time: M-R,
June 23 - July 3, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Sessions: 8
Fee: $55
Instructor: Tom Girard
Location: Field House, Swimming Pool
Reference # 11847

ATTENTION PARENTS: Click the links below to print your child's weekly
lessons and other information pertinent to this course.

Parents Newsletter - Swim Level I

Safety Skill Worksheets:

Week 1, Safety Rule "Be Cool, Follow the Rule"
             Worksheets: Show You Know 
                                  Pool Rules           

Week 2, Safety Rule "Swim With a Buddy in a Supervised Area"
             Worksheet: What Does a Lifeguard Need?

Week 3, Safety Rule "Look Before You Leap"
             Worksheets: Look Before You Leap
                                  Better Safe Than Sorry

Week 4, Safety Rule 1 "Don't Just Packet, Wear Your Jacket"
             Safety Rule 2 "Learn About Boating, Before You Go Floating!" 
             Worksheet: The Big Unscramble

Week 5, Safety Rule 1 "Think So You Don't Sink"
             Safety Rule 2 "Reach or Throw, Don't Go!"
             Worksheet: Reach or Throw - Don't Go!

Week 6, Safety Rule "In Your House and in Your Yard - Watch For Water, Be On Guard"
             Worksheet: I Can Do My Part and Be Water Smart

Week 7, Safety Rule "Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice"
             Worksheet: None for this week

Week 8, Safety Rule "Wave, Tide, or Ride - Follow the Guide" 
             Worksheet:  Rules Booklet

Week 9, Safety Rule "Too Much Sun is No Fun!"
             Worksheet: None for this week


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