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Jefferson College 2010-2015 Strategic Plan: 

"Taking steps to actively prepare for and achieve long-range progress and excellence, the Jefferson College Board of Trustees has approved a new five-year Strategic Plan for the institution following a two-year process to gather information and receive feedback" (March 25, 2011 -- News Release). 

Follow this link to view the plan: 2010 - 2015 Jefferson College Strategic Plan

Jefferson College Strategic Planning Process Includes Community Input



Jefferson College is in the process of updating its strategic long-range plan and has sought participation and feedback from the surrounding community.

The college has solicited input from residents, college students, faculty and staff, and the College Board of Trustees to help define a comprehensive vision for the future.

The first step, the visioning process, included surveying community members via public meetings and civic organizations. Participants were asked to complete a brief survey to share what they feel makes Jefferson College successful and to provide ideas for improvements, needs, expectations, priorities, and 5-10 year visioning that will help the institution establish strategic aims, objectives and plans for the future.

Throughout the process, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee wants to listen to the voices of those who care deeply for Jefferson College and who will, by ownership, invest in its future. Only through the cooperation of the community, as a whole, can Jefferson College become the institution it aspires to be. This will be an opportunity to shape the future of Jefferson College and impact its effort to advance educational and workforce opportunities within Jefferson County and beyond.

Survey Results:

In an effort to keep the process as transparent and open as possible, survey results will be consistently published on this page:

                                Strategic Planning Survey Results 
                                     (Complete as of 12/02/09):

                 (The documents below require Adobe Reader)

Question 1 (pdf)

Question 2 (pdf)

Question 3 (pdf)

Question 4a (pdf)

Question 4b (pdf)

Q4a: Strategic Planning Survey Response Categories
        for Community Respondents

Q4b: Strategic Planning Survey Response Categories
        for Employee Respondents

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