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(Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate.  Courses required for the career-technical certificate are indicated by *.)

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Recommended Order of Courses

Business Management Degree Plan

The program provides a broad course of study in Management, Marketing, Advertising, Personal Selling, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

Courses Offered
BIT125 Spreadsheet Applications
BUS101 Introduction to Business
BUS107 Bookkeeping  Or  BUS240 Financial Accounting
BUS120 Principles of Management
BUS261 Business Communications
MGT103 Business Mathematics
MGT132 Personal Selling
MGT145 Entrepreneurship
MGT150 Marketing
MGT199 Business Internship I
MGT262 Financial Management

Choose any four electives below or three within Acct./Mkt. for emphasis/concentration.
Accounting Marketing
MGT245 QuickBooks MGT133 Advertising
BUS240 Financial Accounting MGT230 Social Media Marketing
BUS241 Managerial Accounting MGT220 Web Marketing
BUS243 Payroll Accounting  MGT255 Marketing Strategies
BUS244 Computerized Accounting  
BUS245 Cost Accounting Optional
BUS246 Tax Accounting MGT299 Business Internship II
  BUS265 Business Law
  PHL202 Ethics
  MGT120 Human Resource Management
  MGT125 Personal Finance

12-13 Gainful Employment Disclosures for Business Managemet Certificate Program

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