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(Certificate only.)

This curriculum prepares students for employment as a bookkeeper or accounting clerk. The accounting courses utilize commercial accounting software in the classes where possible.

Career Information

Recommended Order of Courses


First Semester Hours
COL101 Intro to College: Strategies for Success*
BIT100 Keyboarding I: Skillbuilding
BUS107 Bookkeeping 3
CIS133 Microcomputer Software Applications
ENG101 English Composition I
Second Semester  
BIT112 Job Search for the Professional 2
BIT120 Human Relations in Business & Industry 3
BIT125 Spreadsheet Applications 
BUS243 Payroll Accounting
BUS244 Computerized Accounting
Total Hours Required for Certificate  25


 *GUD136, Mastering the College Experience, will also fulfill the First Year Experience requirement.  


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 February 2014 )
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