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The Business & Workforce Development Center at Jefferson College provides customized training workshops perfect for businesses interested in improved productivity and enhanced employee performance. These workshops are facilitated by a trained experienced professional with expertise in working with businesses. A training solution is tailored to a company's needs.

The training may be done at the business site or at the Business & Workforce Development Center at Jefferson College. Training dates and times are customized to meet a company's schedule. Most of the training workshops include an assessment component which provides employees and employers with valuable information necessary to enhance and to maximize productivity.

Companies may choose to combine these workshops with e-learning courses from the ACT Center to create a state of the art training solution.

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Presidential Certificates of Achievement Workshop Titles

Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Influence Inventory
Learning to Listen
What's My Communication Style?
Conflict Strategies Assessment
Resolving Team Conflict

Computer Training

Introduction to:
Internet Information Server
Local Area Networks
Windows NT

Customer Service

Becoming a Customer Service Star
Assessing Customer Service Quality
Internal Customer Service
Putting Customers First

Organizational Change and Development

The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
Problem Solving in Organizations
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Team Learning Survey
Keys to Effective Project Management
Using Assessment in Employee Hiring and Selection
Organizational Change
Leading Change at Every Level
Mastering the Change Curve

Leadership and Management

Best Boss Inventory
Achieving Peak Performance
Supervisory Skills Assessment
Successful Performance Management
Coaching Employees Successfully
Performance Appraisal
Participative Management
Leading and Encouraging Innovation
The Leader-Manager Balance
The Empowerment Profile
Facilitative Leadership
Team Leader Survey
Innovative Management

Team Building

Benchmarks of Team Excellence
Effective Team Member Profile Assessment
Group Development Assessment
Improving Team Effectiveness
Team Performance & Personality Assessment
Team-Work & Team-Roles
Team Skills and Training Simulation


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