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The Federal Workstudy Program provides on-campus jobs for qualified students.  Students are assigned to jobs in offices, maintenance, the library, the Child Development Center, and as various faculty aids. Campus jobs pay minimum wage. Although wages earned under the Federal Workstudy program are taxable, they are excluded from a student's adjusted gross income for Federal Student Aid Application (FAFSA) purposes. A student does not have to be eligible for Federal Workstudy funds to be a student worker for Jefferson College.  




Student's Process to Apply for a Student Worker Position:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – this can be completed online by going to Be sure to list the Jefferson College Title IV School Code of 002468.

  2. Review the College Workstudy Job Postings displayed in the Student Financial Services Office, or coming soon, you can view the postings on our website. Be sure to view the postings early in the semester as most jobs are filled during the first few weeks of the term. 

  3. Once you find a position that you are qualified for, visit the Office of Human Resources to submit a Jefferson College Application for Employment. (Be sure to include the position and department you are applying for on the application.)

  4. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the appropriate supervisor.

  5. Once you have accepted a Student Worker position, you will need to visit Human Resources to complete your onboarding process. This will need to take place on or before your start date.


  Employer's Process to Hire a Student Worker:

1.     Fill out the Student Worker Request Form for the appropriate school year. Make sure every section is completed properly and all signatures are obtained before submitting your form to Student Financial Services. This form will be used to announce the student worker job opening.



2.     Visit Human Resources to review applications and select the student(s) you would like to interview for the position.



3.     Interview your applicant(s) and make your selection. Offer the position contingent upon a clear background check.



4.     Request the student’s date of birth and inform Human Resources to complete the background check. 



5.     Request a Student Employment Form from the Student Financial Services Office for the student worker you have chosen.



6.     Send the Student Employment Form to the appropriate Dean/Vice President for approval and signature.



7.     Once the signature has been received, send the original copy to Human Resources, the yellow copy to Student Financial Services, keep the pink copy for your records, and give the goldenrod copy to the student.  



8.     Once a clear background check has been received, direct your new student worker to Human Resources to complete their onboarding process. This will need to be completed on or before their first day of employment.



9.     Start your new student worker after the Student Employment Form is complete with required signatures and the background check is clear.



10.  Each year this process must be completed for each position unless you are rehiring the student worker. In this case, simply complete the Student Employment Form and check rehire.




2013-2014 Student Worker Request Form

2014-2015 Student Worker Request Form

Student Worker Employment Form (Read Only)









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