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General Education Program Course Syllabi | Print |

Many of the following documents are in PDF format and may be downloaded to your computer or viewed online using the Acrobat reader. If you do not have the Acrobat reader, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe Acrobat website

ART101 Art Appreciation
ART103 Survey of Art I
ART105 Survey of Art II
ART107 Modern Art
BIO101 General Biology
BIO101H Honors General Biology
BIO102 Concepts of Biology
BIO109 Ecology and Environmental Conservation
BIO113 Microbiology for the Health Sciences
BIO120 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO201 Genetics
BIO205 General Botany
BIO206 General Zoology
BIO207 Vertebrate Anatomy
BIO211 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO215 Microbiology
CHM101 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM102 Concepts in Chemistry
CHM111 General Chemistry
ECO100 Introduction to Economics
ECO101 Macroeconomics
ECO102 Microeconomics
ENG101 English Composition I
ENG101H Honors English Composition I
ENG102 English Composition II
ENG102H Honors English Composition II
ENG105 Literary Types: Poetry/Short Story
ENG106 Literary Types: Drama/Short Novel
ENG122 Film Appreciation
ENG215 World Literature: Before 1650
ENG215H Honors World Literature
ENG216 World Literature: After 1650
ENG225 English Literature: Before 1800
ENG226 English Literature: After 1800
ENG228 American Literature: Before 1865
ENG229 American Literature: After 1865
ENG235 The Shakespeare Plays
ENG235H Honors Shakespeare
ENG250 Mythology
ENG250H Honors Mythology
ENG255H Honors Poetry: Poems and Their Makers
FRN253 French Reading
GEO103 World Regional Geography
GEO120 Seminar in Global Studies
HST103 U.S. History I to Reconstruction
HST103H Honors U.S. History I
HST104 U.S. History II from Reconstruction
HST104H Honors U.S. History II
HST201 Ancient/Medieval Civilization
HST202 Renaissance to Early Modern Europe
HST203 Modern Europe
HST205 African-American History
HST210 Asian Civilization
HST230 Women in American History
HST235 Women in History
HST240 Missouri History
HUM125 Seminar in European Arts/Culture
HUM250H Honors Humanities
HUM260 Liberal Arts Seminar
HUM260H Honors Liberal Arts Seminar
HUM270H Honors Leadership Development Studies through the Humanities
MSC101 Fundamentals of Music
MSC103 Music Theory
MSC131 Appreciation of Music
MSC133 Jazz Appreciation
MSC135 History of Rock and Roll
MSC137 World Music
MSC231 Music Literature: Before 1750
MSC232 Music Literature: After 1750
MTH130 Structure of Real Number System
MTH131 Introduction to College Math
MTH134 College Algebra
PHL101 Logic
PHL102 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL201 World Religions
PHL202 Ethics
PHL202H Honors Ethics
PHY101 Survey of Physical Science
PHY102 Topics in Physical Science
PHY105 Physical Geology
PHY106 Introduction to Astronomy
PHY111 Elementary College Physics
PHY223 General Physics
PSC102 U.S. and Missouri Governments and Constitutions
PSC103 Current Political Issues
PSC155 International Relations
PSC250 Independent Study: Model United Nations
PSC250H Independent Study: Model United Nations - Honors
PSY101 General Psychology
PSY101H Honors General Psychology
PSY120 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
PSY201 Child Development
PSY202 Adolescent Psychology
PSY205 Human Development
SOC101 General Sociology
SOC210 Alcohol, Drugs, and Society
SOC240 Marriage & Family
SOC250 Social Disorganization
SPD105 Oral Communication
SPD105H Honors Oral Communication
SPD120 Theatre Appreciation 
SPD120H Honors Theatre Appreciation
SPD175 Public Speaking
SPN253 Spanish Reading

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